Artist Statement

I have lived most of my life in or near London, Ontario, Canada and through the years I have formed a strong emotional attachment to the surrounding countryside. I am most intrigued by older, weathered buildings and structures I encounter and I find I am always inspired by the many moods, beauty and charms of the area I call home.
Many of my paintings arise from a simultaneous combination of emotional response and visual impact from experiencing and viewing the countryside. I work to transform my feelings and emotions into my landscape paintings. The subtle but challenging medium of watercolour best allows me to express my vision of this area. I often refer to the digital images I’ve gathered and use them, along with memory and imagination to guide me in the painting process.
Before I start to paint, I create detailed pencil drawings which help me refine my painting style and technique. These drawings act as a map through the process to the final painting. I use many brushes from large to small for detail. I also use scrubbing techniques and manipulate smaller amounts of paint with my fingers. As the painting progresses, I add detail and enhance what has happened by accident. These elements come together to capture the sense of tranquillity I strive to incorporate into my paintings. 
I love to paint in watercolour and create unique landscape art and I feel the deepest satisfaction when viewers of my work derive their own emotional response and pleasure from my art.
Vic Roschkov